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Our show is doing a Youth Showmanship class again this year, before the ADGA Triple Ring Sr Doe and Modified Jr Doe show, starting at 8:00AM!!! There are no entry fees for showmanship, but we do NEED to have names and ages, so we can start putting together a class list! You can send an email to (Payments AT swwdga DOT org) (if you're not showing) or enter your names/birthdays in the online show form!
ANY type of goat can be used by youth for showmanship!
(dairy, meat, wethers, etc…)

2018 Triple Ring ADGA Sanctioned Senior Doe and Modified Junior Doe Show
Online Entry Form

Show Entry Rates Example (3 rings):
(Per Breed AND Show, i.e. Sr or Jr):
#1 Cayenne $21   
#2 Serano $21   
#3 Lily $21   
#4 Rose $21   
#5 Arabesque $15   
#6 Yarina $15   
#7 Willow $15   
#8 Priscilla $15   
#9 Holly $15   
#10 Bella $9   
#11 Zarah $9   

Please fill in each box completely, as full reg. numbers and reg. names will speed up check-in on show day! :)
(Senior & Junior shows are seperate shows, so goat counts also reset!)

SENIOR DOE Rings Entered
Breed Code
Class Code
Reg# & FULL Name: A1234567 Roc
DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) & Tattoo
JUNIOR DOE Rings Entered
Breed Code
Class Code
Reg# & FULL Name: A1234567 Roc
DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) & Tattoo

Herd Fee, per exhibitor/herdname/breeder ($2.00):

Do you need pens?

Youth Showmanship Entry $0.01:
Youth Name
Birth Date (MM/DD/YY)

Solution Graphics

SR. DOE CLASSES—letter denotes breed
(A- Alpine, L- LaMancha, N- Nubian, S- Saanen, T- Toggenburg, B- Oberhasli, ND- Nigerian Dwarf, C- Sable Saanen, RG- Recorded Grade)

Milkers under two      A1    L1    N1    T1    B1    ND1    S1    C1    RG1

2yr Old Milkers      A2    L2    N2    T2    B2    ND2    S2    C2    RG2

3yr Old Milkers      A3    L3    N3    T3   B3    ND3    S3    C3    RG3

4yr Old Milkers      A4    L4    N4    T4    B4    ND4    S4    C4    RG4

5yrs & over      A5    L5    N5    T5    B5    ND5    S5    C5    RG5

        Sr Grand & Sr Reserve Grand Champion

               --Best Sr Doe in Show--

JR. DOE CLASSES—letter denotes breed
(L- LaMancha, ND- Nigerian Dwarf, N- Nubian, AOP- As Noted)

March & later doe kids      L6    ND6    N6    AOP6

Jan/Feb doe kids      L7    ND7    N7    AOP7

Junior yearlings May 20, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017      L8    ND8    N8    AOP8

Senior yearlings under 2yrs, never fresh      L9    ND9    N9    AOP9


        Jr Grand & Jr Reserve Grand Champion

               --Best Jr Doe in Show--

           (AOP Junior Does - Alpine, Saanen, Toggenburg, Oberhasli, Sable Saanen)

BEST DOE IN SHOW: We will be having a BDIS for BOTH Senior and Junior Does this year. YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO STAY TO END OF THE SHOW! (As you loose your leg, if you miss showing your Grand Champion doe in the Best Doe of Show!

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