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2018 SWWDGA Show Awards List
ADGA Senior and Junior Doe Shows
May 19, 2018
Southwest Washington Fairgrounds Chehalis, WA

Show Judges:
Sam Whiteside: California
Sarah Hazeltine: California
Cathy Pindell: Idaho

With the response from Nubian breeders we have taken the Nubian Juniors out of the AOP to be a stand alone breed this year.
Also with the support of Sable and Saanen breeders we have eliminated the SR AOP and all Senior sanctions are stand alone.

Sponsors are need for the following classes:
Senior does: $25ócovers all three rings
- Alpine - Bill Moomau (Dane Lane Farm)
- Lamancha - Melanie Fergason (Royal Cedars & Hidden Meadows)
- Nigerian - Tammy Schallon (Homestead Farm)
- Nubian - Kris Hafey (Dahlia May's Farm)
- Oberhasli - Penny Whithorn (Oberhouse Oberhaslis)
- Toggenburg - Kristin Loughlin (Loughlin's Dairy Goats)
- Saanen - Pat Hendrickson (Rocky Run Farm)
- Sable - Susan Phillips (Windbriar Farm)

Junior does: $25ócovers all three rings
- Lamancha - Hannah Dwyer (O'Dwyers Farm)
- Nigerian - Nancy LaMont (N Goat Farm)
- Nubian - LeRoy Satter (Till-Riv Farm)
- AOP - Lori Townsend (Rendezvous Acres)

Sponsors are needed for BEST IN SHOW:
these are items the sponsor buys and bring to the show

Three for Senior does $25 value each
- Matthew & Ashlee Tarbox (Hill House Farm)
- Scott & Rachael Heinrich (Half Pint Farm)
- Evelyn Korhonen in Memory of Mike Korhonen from White Hawk Toggenburgs

Three for Junior does $25 value each
- Brenda Bensmiller (R Serenity Farm Nigerians)
- Cindy Johnson (R&C Ranch French Alpines)
- DixieLee Davis (Sans Gene Goats)

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