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Artificial Insemination Training Clinic
Instructor, Pat Hendrickson
September 8 & 9, 2018
At a private farm just SE of Chehalis.
FEE: $275.00 per team. (My teaching is for two people to work together.)

This will be a limited class. Only 5 teams will be accepted for this clinic. One space is reserved as of now.

Fee includes using my need not have an AI kit to take this class. Teams are encouraged to cycle up 2 does for the hands on day for the chance to AI your does.

For additional information you can message Pat directly at: and to discuss payment.

Artificial Insemination Training Clinic
Hosted by the Southwest Washington DGA
Instructor, Pat Hendrickson
At the Searching for a location that doesn't require insurance.
Cost $TBD per team.

This class will be taught to teams. You will need an assistant to do AI by the method you will be taught. Each team will get a chance to switch places so both learn and understand the process.

This will be a 2 day clinic consisting of one short day of classroom instruction. Then one 5-7 hour day of live animal work where does will be inseminated.

DAY #1, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the 4-H building at the fairgrounds. Bring your equipment, including semen tank, if you have any! It is not necessary for you to have an AI kit for this class. We will cover doe selection, timing, semen handling and thaw methods. We will practice putting your AI (gun) equipment together. Step by step how to for setting up the doe for insemination. General Q&A. Determining semen quality.

DAY #2, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM or until finished. Live animal work will be in the 4-H barn, NO PENS but lots of tie areas. Animals will be kept in trailers. Bring your milk/grooming stands and AI sling if you have one.

If you have a doe or two you want to cycle up for this clinic contact me. The protocol for this takes 2 weeks. I have the implants and hormone shot products available at cost. I recommend you do your own animals and each team is LIMITED to two does. If you bring more and want to work with them after class that is fine. You will also need to bring your semen tank both days.

Some people attending will have semen for sale--but not every breed will be included. I have a few straws of most of the standard Dairy Breeds. Send an email to and she will have a list at the bottom of this page, of people attending that have semen for sale & their contact info. **Jump down to List**

Coffee & cookies on classroom day. Coffee on 2nd day but you need to pack a lunch or use one of the local fast food venues. We may order pizza if enough of you are interested and want to pitch in $5.00 per person.

This clinic is LIMITED TO 10 TEAMS,
so PayPal is the recommended payment.
0 of 10 slots are filled, as of *****
You can send the below info & payment, via the Mail, but your order on the list will be based on the date your payment is received.

Participant's Name #1:
    Email Address:
    Phone Number:
    Mailing Address:
Participant's Name #2:
    Email Address:
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Breed(s) of goat(s) you will
be bringing with you:
Online Payment Options:

If you paid the $100 deposit, please use the "Pay Now" button,
to pay your remaining balance of $165, by August 1st.
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Available Semen List
Please contact those that will be attending the AI Clinic to arrange sales.

Add your Semen listing here!

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